Optional Service

Exhibitor’s Technical Presentation

Exhibitors have the opportunity to present their new products, technologies or solutions to the OPIE attendees with their own seminar, which is a great way to give in-depth explanation about the features and background.

Venue : Pacifico Yokohama, Annex Hall
Dates : 21th – 23th April 2021
Fee : 45 minutes – JPY 120,000 (Exc. tax)* / 1 session
Basic facilities : Projector for PC, screen, 1 wired microphones, 1 wireless microphone
Capacity : 90 people
[Note] as a general rule: free charge for attendee

Program :
Dates 21th April
22th April
23th April
10:30~11:15 A G M
11:30~12:15 B H N
12:30~13:15 C I O
13:30~14:15 D J P
14:30~15:15 E K Q
15:30~16:15 F L R

Exhibition floor plan ad

Circulation:20,000 copies (Distribution to visitors)
Price:JPY 120,000 (Exc. tax)* –
Application deadline:31th March 2021
Manuscript deadline:7th April 2021

WEB site banner ad (Official website)

Display period : March – April 24th (Fri)
Big banner : JPY 80,000 (Exc. tax)*
  Size W200 x H200 pixel
Regular banner : JPY 40,000 (Exc. tax)*
  Size W200 x H100 pixel
Application deadline : 2nd March 2021
Manuscript deadline : 5th March 2021

Ad for monthly magazine [OPTRONICS] April issue (Special Issue for the exhibition)

Circulation:12,000 issues plus a bonus 3,000 issues to be circulated at the exhibition.
* April issue can be as a Guide book because the exhibitor products information will be posted.
 1P 4 colors – JPY 260,000 (Exc. tax)*
 1P 2 colors – JPY 150,000 (Exc. tax)*
 1P 1 color – JPY 120,000 (Exc. tax)*
Application deadline : 5th March 2021
Manuscript deadline : 10th March 2021

Exhibition Banners at the entrances and the seating area

Size : W890×H2000mm
Price : 1set (2 banners) – JPY 100,000 (Exc. tax)*
Application deadline : 31th March 2021
Manuscript deadline : 7th April 2021

Sponsor for Coffee Area

– Printing your company logo (single color) to coffee cups
– Printing your company logo (single color) to staff’s aprons
– Setting a panel board with your company logo at coffee corner

Price : JPY 300,000 (Exc. tax)*

* If you have a branch office in Japan, the consumption tax will be charged.

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