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Featured Exhibits: Product Introduction Webinar

Why not introduce your products at OPIE’24 in advance?
Exhibitors will have 15 minutes each to showcase their products. (Only video playback of up to 15 minutes is also available)
The target audience includes OPIE’24 visitors and prospective attendees.

Promote Your Products: Use this opportunity to invite visitors to your booth.
Streamline Booking: Booking a visit in advance will be easier.
Understand Customer Needs: Grasp the needs of potential customers.

 April 11, 2024 (Thursday), from 13:30 to 14:15
 Zoom webinar
 ¥70,000 (¥77,000 including tax)
*¥50,000 (¥55,000 including tax) for companies conducting exhibitor technical seminars during OPIE’24

・Each exhibitor will have 15 minutes to introduce their products.
・We will provide you with the applicant’s data (including their name, company name, department, and email).
・Simply prepare your presentation materials. (Product slides for the entire company will be broadcast before the start of the event. Please submit PowerPoint slides with product information.)

Exhibitor’s Technical Presentation

Exhibitors have the opportunity to present their new products, technologies or solutions to the OPIE attendees with their own seminar, which is a great way to give in-depth explanation about the features and background.

Venue : Pacifico Yokohama, Concourse E26
Fee : JPY 120,000 (Inc. tax JPY 132,000)* / 1 session (45 minutes)
Basic facilities : Projector for PC, Screen, 1 microphone, 1 Wireless microphone, Lectern
Capacity : 80 people
[Note] as a general rule: free charge for attendee

Program :
Dates 24 April
25 April
26 April
10:30~11:15 A G M
11:30~12:15 B H N
12:30~13:15 C I O
13:30~14:15 D J P
14:30~15:15 E K Q
15:30~16:15 F L R

 Reserved (As of 21 Feb.)

Product Introduction HTML Email Distribution Service

Promotional emails will be sent to those who have pre-registered for the show and have a history of visiting the show through the Optronics Newsletter Extra Issue.

[To be distributed to]
・Visitors who pre-registered for OPIE’24
・Visitors to Optronics-sponsored exhibitions and seminars

■Two options to choose from
①Product Introduction Column (One Space/One Time Only): A detailed explanation of the product will be posted along with the product image.
②Banner in the Article (Same banner to Each email /Two Times in Total): Product images and the company logo will be placed in a banner format for more effective promotion.
①Product Introduction Column (1 Space/ 1 Time): ¥30,000 (¥33,000 including tax)
②Product Introduction Banner (Same banner to Each email / Two Times in Total): ¥100,000 (¥110,000 including tax)
<1st delivery>
Distribution Date: April 3 (Wed.) / Application Deadline: March 15 (Fri.) / Manuscript Deadline: March 27 (Wed.)
<2nd delivery>
Distribution Date: April 10 (Wed) / Application Deadline: March 15 (Fri) / Manuscript Deadline: April 3 (Wed)


Exhibition Official Guide ad

Circulation:20,000 copies (Distribution to visitors)
Price:JPY 120,000 (Inc. tax JPY 132,000)* –
Application deadline:Fri. 29 March 2024
Manuscript deadline:Fri. 5 April 2024

WEB site banner ad (Official website)

Display period : Early March – 26 April 2024
Big banner : JPY 80,000 (Inc. tax JPY 88,000)*
  Size W200 x H200 pixel
Regular banner : JPY 40,000 (Inc. tax JPY 44,000)*
  Size W200 x H100 pixel
Application deadline : Mon. 19 February 2024
Manuscript deadline : Mon. 26 February 2024

Ad for monthly magazine [OPTRONICS] April issue (Special Issue for the exhibition)

Circulation:12,000 issues plus a bonus 2,000 issues to be circulated at the exhibition.
* April issue can be as a Guide book because the exhibitor products information will be posted.
 1P 4 colors – JPY 260,000 (Inc. tax JPY 286,000)*
 1P 2 colors – JPY 150,000 (Inc. tax JPY 165,000)*
 1P 1 color – JPY 120,000 (Inc. tax JPY 132,000)*
Application deadline : Thu. 29 February 2024
Manuscript deadline : Tue. 5 March 2024

Exhibition Banners at the entrances and the seating area

Size : W900 × H2000mm (Data size: W900 × H2036mm)
Price : 1set (2 banners) – JPY 100,000 (Inc. tax JPY 110,000)*
Application deadline : Fri. 29 March 2024
Manuscript deadline : Fri. 5 April 2024

* If you have a branch office in Japan, the consumption tax will be charged.

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