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  • Various Lasers, LED Light Source Devices/Modules
  • Laser Processing Equipment, Bio/Medical Laser Equipment
  • Optics, Safety Products, Power Supplies & Peripherals, Laser Crystals & Materials
  • Monitoring and measurement equipment, integrating spheres, laser beam profilers
  • Contract Design and Processing, Optical Design and Beam Analysis Software

Laser lighting and Display / Optical wireless power supply zone

* Products and technologies related to laser lighting and displays / optical wireless power transmission

Power Laser Forum Zone

* Products and Technologies for Power Lasers


  • Types of Lenses
    Single lens, spherical lens, aspherical lens, cylindrical lens, conical lens, cylindrical lens, toroidal lens, reflective refractive lens, diffraction limited lens, micro lens, GRIN lens, collimator lens, Fresnel lens, infrared lens, UV lens, large diameter lens, compound lens, infrared lens, UV lenses, plastic lenses, light-resistant and multilayer mirrors/lenses, polarizing mirrors/lenses and other mirrors/filters in general
  • Optical Lenses
    Focusing lenses, field lenses, multiple image lenses, Fourier lenses, Fresnel lenses, relay lenses
  • Special-purpose lenses
    Laser lenses, telescope objectives, microscope objectives, eyepieces, telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, zoom lenses/variable focus lenses, CCTV lenses, optical disc lenses, lenses for digital cameras, lenses for smartphone cameras, lenses for optical pickups, plastic lenses, various other lenses
  • Lens materials
    Glass materials, plastic materials, other lens materials
  • Lens design software
    Optical design software, lens design software, thin film design software, other design software
  • Lens manufacturing, processing, measuring and inspection equipment
    Automatic assembly equipment, precision mold and mold making equipment, metal processing equipment, molding processing equipment, polishing equipment, surface treatment equipment, thin film manufacturing equipment, adhesive equipment, measurement and evaluation equipment, inspection and packaging equipment, precision cleaning equipment, other lens manufacturing, processing and support equipment, refractometers, spectrometers
  • Lens design, prototyping, and manufacturing services
Positioning EXPO

  • Positioning Equipment
    XY stage, XYZ stage, piezo stage, surface plate, vibration isolator/anti-vibration table, 3D measuring machine, interferometer, length measuring machine/system, sighting instrument, level, surveying instrument, various gauges/measures, GPS/GNSS/GIS related equipment, various indoor positioning systems, satellite positioning system, beacon, drone, LiDAR, laser outside diameter measuring instruments, laser thickness gauges shape/dimension/defect measuring devices
  • Components/Materials
    Controllers, servo motors, actuators, manipulators, length measuring systems, positioners, positioning control tools, encoders, benches, rails, lens and mirror holders, lens and mirror mounts, ball screws, optical scanners, laser sensors, capacitance sensors, speed sensors, acceleration Sensors, Data Recorders, Image Processing Equipment, Various Lasers, Optical Components, Materials, Software, CAD, Rental, Others
Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO

  • curvature sensor
  • Shack-Hartmann sensor
  • actuator
  • infrared image detector
  • CCD detector
  • eyepiece
  • telescope camera
  • auto-guider
  • celestial automatic introduction system
  • astronomical telescope
  • encoder
  • cooled CCD camera / large binocular telescope
  • high-powered telescope
  • planetarium
  • observatory dome and other
Light Sources & Optical Devices EXPO

  • UV related products
    UV light sources, UV detectors, UV optical materials, UV application technologies (security, photo-medical, lighting, pest control, UV analyzers, marking, photolithography, light curing related products, etc.)
  • Visible light related products
    RGB laser devices/modules, photo-luminescent light sources, substrate materials, wavelength conversion devices, line lasers, micro optics, speckle inspection and measurement devices, beam profilers/beam expanders and other optical systems and peripheral devices, power supplies
  • Infrared Related Products
    Infrared light sources, infrared optical materials, infrared applied technologies (heating, infrared imaging devices, infrared communications, remote controls, infrared analyzers, far-infrared utilization devices, remote sensing, infrared medicine, infrared laser processing, others)
Sensor & Imaging EXPO

  • Various Optical Sensors and Light Sources
    LiDAR, Fiber Optic Sensors, Infrared Sensors, Infrared Radiation Temperature Sensors, Photometers, Photoelectric Sensors and Other Optical Sensors, Photodiodes/Transistors/IC, Fingerprint Sensors, Face Recognition Sensors, Light Sources for Measurement
  • VCamera elements
    CMOS, CCD, area/line sensors, linear image sensors
  • Light sources for various cameras
    LEDs, lasers, lamps, etc.
  • Special-purpose cameras
    Automotive cameras, industrial/FA cameras, robot cameras, IoT, nursing/monitoring/network cameras, research/biotech/medical cameras, surface inspection equipment, endoscopes (medical/industrial), OCT cameras (medical/industrial)
  • Analytical/measuring cameras
    Spectroscopic cameras, polarization cameras, stereo cameras, ToF cameras, infrared/ultraviolet cameras, terahertz cameras, Compton cameras
  • Specific function cameras
    AI cameras, event cameras, ultra-sensitive cameras, light field cameras
  • Image processing equipment
    Image analysis equipment/software, image processing equipment/software
Optical Communication & Applications EXPO

  • Optical Communication Devices/Modules
    LD/PD, Optical Package Components, Connectors/Adapters, Ferrule, Attenuators, Switches, Microwave/Millimeter-wave Devices, Terahertz device, Integrated Boards, Wafers, Crystals, Micro-optics, etc.
  • Optical Transmission Components and Devices
    Dispersion compensators, optical fiber, optical transceivers, optical transmitters, optical receivers, variable wavelength light sources and filters, satellite transmission equipment, fiber fusion splicers, end-face polishing, inspection and measurement equipment, cable installation equipment, OTDR equipment, etc.
  • Optical communication equipment, various measuring instruments
    5G/6G optical network equipment, video transmission and compression equipment, optical power meters, optical spectrum analyzers, etc.