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  • Laser, LED, and various light sources
  • Optical Application Instrument or Equipment/Laser Application Instrument or Equipment
  • Measurement Instrument of Optical Application/Measurement Instrument of Laser Application
  • Laser Process Equipment/Medical Laser Instrument
  • Optical components, Laser parts, light-related materials
  • Opto-mechanical equipment, laboratory equipment, optical measuring instrument – Order processing services, contract research and development, related software

Laser lighting / Display / Optical wireless power supply zone

* Products related to laser lighting-display, optical wireless power supply

Optical Fiber Zone

* Products and technologies that make up the optical fiber

LENS EXPO (Design & Manufacturing)

  • Lens
    Single lens, spherical lens, aspherical lens, cylindrical lens, conical lens, cylindrical lens, Troy lenses, Catadioptric lens, diffraction-limited lens, micro lens, GRIN lens, collimator lens, condenser lens, field lens, Multiple image lens, Fourier lens, Fresnel lens, relay lens, large aperture lens, compound lens, infrared lens, UV lens, laser lens, telescope objective, microscope objective, eyepiece, telephoto lens, wide-angle lens, Zoom lens / variable focus lens, CCTV lens, an optical disk lens, digital camera lens, Camera phone lens, optical pick-up lens, plastic lens, and other lens
  • Lens material
    Glass material, plastic materials, other
  • Lens design
    Optical design software, lens design software, thin film design software, and other software
  • Lens manufacturing and processing equipment
    Automated assembly equipment, precision metal mold, metal processing equipment, molding equipment, polishing equipment, surface treatment equipment, thin film manufacturing equipment, adhesive equipment, measurement and evaluation equipment, inspection and packaging equipment, precision cleaning equipment, other

IR+UV EXPO (Applied Technology)

  • Infrared related products
    Infrared light source, infrared sensors, infrared optical materials, infrared application technology (Heating, infrared imaging devices, infrared communication, remote control, infrared analyzer, far infrared utilization device, remote sensing, infrared medical treatment, infrared laser processing, etc.)
  • UV Related Products
    Ultraviolet light source, ultraviolet detector, ultraviolet optical materials, ultraviolet application technology (Security, UV medical treatment, lighting, pest control, ultraviolet analyzer, marking, photolithography, light curing products, etc.)

Industrial Camera EXPO

  • Spectroscopic imaging related products
  • In-vehicle cameras
  • Industrial cameras
  • Robot cameras
  • IoT and network cameras
  • Nursing care cameras
  • Research / Bio and Medical cameras
  • Measurement cameras
  • Special cameras
  • Camera, video camera, camera system
    3D, 3D measurement, aircraft, area, astronomical observation, aviation, back camera, biotechnology, bird watching, board, borehole, capsule endoscope, CCD, CCTV, CMOS, communication, compact, construction, cooled CCD, day-night, deflection measurement, document, dome type, Door, earth observation, explosion-proof, eyemark, Factory Automation, fiber scope, flexible probe, fundus camera, gamma / scintillation, goal judgment, gunsight, hidden camera, High speed, human body shape measurement, image measurement, image processing device, In vivo inspection, indoor, infrared, inspection, instant, in-vehicle, light guide, line, live, machine vision, measurement, medical device, microscope, mobile object, multi-camera, network, night view, night vision, observation, outdoor, panorama, PET, pinhole, prepress, pressure-proof, radiation-resistant, remote sensing, research, robot, scalp, security, sensor, slit, snorkel, space observation, special camera, stomach, streak, Super-telephoto, surgical shadowless light, surveillance, teleconference, temperature measurement, tube, ultra-small, ultraviolet ray, underwater, USB, vibration proof, waterproof, Web, wireless, X-ray, others
  • Peripherals, Parts, Materials
    battery, bracket (mounting base), cable, camera platform, capture board, case, CCD, CMOS, cover, data storage, divider, fisheye lens, HDD, housing, lens, liquid lens, memory, microscope camera adapter, monitor, optical fiber, power adapter, recorder, remote control, rotating table, SD, security camera Installation, software, switcher, transceiver, unit, USB, video recorder, video server, wide lens, zoom lens, other

Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO

  • curvature sensor
  • Shack-Hartmann sensor
  • actuator
  • infrared image detector
  • CCD detector
  • eyepiece
  • telescope camera
  • auto-guider
  • celestial automatic introduction system
  • astronomical telescope
  • encoder
  • cooled CCD camera / large binocular telescope
  • high-powered telescope
  • planetarium
  • observatory dome and other

Positioning EXPO

  • Optical sensing & measurement related equipment, devices and systems
    Optical sensors, image sensors, optical fiber sensors, optical light source for measurement, optical power meters, optical spectrum analyzers, OTDR equipment, photometers, integrating spheres, refractometers, spectroscopes, interferometers, microscopes, telescopes, photoelectric sensors, laser devices for the measurement of external diameters, laser devices for the measurement of thickness/shape/dimensions/defects, analysis instruments, image sensing equipment, image analyzers, image processing apparatus, laser defect inspection systems, infrared radiation temperature sensors, optical fiber sensing equipment, fiber scopes/industrial endoscopes and other equipment for optical measurement and sensing.
  • Positioning related equipment, devices and systems
    XY stage , XYZ stage, controller, actuator, manipulator, surface plate, anti-vibration system / vibration isolation system , measuring system, servo motors, XY table, XYZ table, positioner, Piezo, microscope, positioning control tool, encoder, bench, rail, holder, mount, ball screw, optical scanners, laser sensor, capacitance sensor, speed sensor, accelerometer, three-dimensional measuring machine, interferometer, CAD, robotics, measuring equipment and system, optical sight, level gauge, surveying equipment, GPS / GNSS / GIS related equipment, various gauge and measure ,data recorder, image processing equipment, various lasers, optical components, telescope, materials, software, service, rental, human resources, other