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The fully automatic polariscope [LSM-9002 product family] not only measures retardation values in a transparent body having strain and birefringence therein but also inspects external scratches, dents, and foreign objects with a new mode.
The striae inspection device [LSC-5100] can visualize striae inside transparent objects such as crystal plates and glass, as well as surface polishing unevenness and polishing marks.
Sample measurements will be taken for both products at the venue, so please feel free to drop by our booth with your samples.

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Automobile New Product Product Demo
Fully automatic polarimeter LSM-9002LE

This polarimeter measures the strain distribution of the transparent products such as glass and plastic. It can also check for flaws and defects with a new mode. The system of fully-automatic measurement reduces labor and measurement errors by the measurer.

Automobile New Product Product Demo
Fully automatic polarimeter LSM-9002S

Fully automated 2 D measurement polarimeter LSM 9000S is a device for measuring the strain distributions of glasses and plastics. Click the Measure button on the dedicated software to display the distribution of distortion over the entire range shot with the built-in camera.
The 6-× zoom lens allows for high-precision measurement by enlarging a small sample.

Product Demo
Striae Inspection Device LSC-5100

This device visualizes the stirae inside transparent bodies such as quartz plates and glass and uneven polishing of the surface. It is ideal for quality control as it can inspect foreign matter, air bubbles, surface scratches, and uneven polishing.

Super Broadband Wave Plate SB-RETAX

Constant liner 1/4λ or 1/2λ retardance is realized for any wavelength ranging from visible (VIS) to near infrared (NIR) when linear polarized light passes through this waveplate.This product is made from five layered or three layered resin films sandwitched by a pair of glass plates to achieve excellent performance. It is possible to fabricate a larger size more than 30mm diameter by using in-house resin film.

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