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Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC

レーザーEXPO No. C-32-8
Neunerplatz 2 Würzburg Bavaria Germany

● 担当
TEL:49 931 4100 0 FAX:

● 出展の見どころ
Micro-optical elements: freeform optics, lenses, gratings, prisms and micro-lens arrays, processed via Two-Photon-Polymerization as complex optical structure or as master for replication technologies, based on UV curable and highly transparent inorganic-organic hybrid polymers.

Macroscopic elements: By means of 3D-Printing, optical macroscopic elements for illumination optics using highly transparent 3D printable hybrid polymers; The optical elements can be combined with printed baffle structures, mirrors, or scattering layers but also with conductive lines or integrated light sources, such as LED.

High-Temperature optics: Using printable polymer-based material and subsequent annealing steps, complex optical structures can be manufactured that provide a high thermal stability of > 400 °C. But even without thermal annealing steps, the materials can cope with thermal load of 200 °C and higher.

● 出展製品

Cm-scale array of complex optical structure with highly accurate µ-features


Lenses fabricated on CMOS processed plasmonic color-sensing detectors to reduce dependency on incident angle


Outcoupling element made of 15.000 individual prisms written via Two-Photon-Polymerization technique in inorganic-organic hybrid polymer


Optical element as freeform projector - processed by 3D print (ink-jet) (in cooperation with Fraunhofer IOF)


Organic-free 3-dimensional µ-structure generated by Two-Photon-Polymerization


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