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Hubei Gabrielle-Optech Co.,Ltd.

レンズ設計・製造展 No. G-51
Jiuli Industrial Park, Zigui County Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province Yichang China

● 担当
Sales department 
TEL:0717-2862292 FAX:0717-2888511

● 出展の見どころ
We could supply you the high quality of most types of optical glass material with best quality and competitive price.Such as H-K series; H-ZK series; H-BaK series; H-F series; H-ZF series; H-Lak series; H-LaF series; H-ZLaF;Especially we could supply you the full range size of H-K9L strips.And we could produce all kinds of DP&RP; lens, prism blank, the product's single weight between 0.5g~3000g, the blank finish size between 3mm~300mm. There include the car front light lens also.We are focus in improving reR & D capability to meet the growing demand of customers.

● 出展製品
Optical Glass Blanks H-K9L&H-K51 series

Optical glass materials glass blanks high transmittance for cameras scanners projector use

Optical Glass Lens and prism

Full range of RP lens optical lens biconcave lens Optical glass high transmittance for cameras scanners projector use

自動車医療通信 新製品
X-ray Protective radiation shielding Lead glasses

X radiation protection lead shielding glass for medical use lead equivalent 2.1~6.6

Auto light lens/Auto front lens

Auto glass lens for car's front light Best quality high transmittance

自動車医療通信 新製品
Glass ceramics screen of mobile

Glass ceramics used in flexible mobile phone screen and flexible touch displa,High-strength special glass material with ultra-white, ultra-transparent, good flexibility and high hardness, with product performance comparable to the latest generation of international advanced brands.

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